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List of heating servies that Orefice provides

✅ Safety starts right here
✅ Over 100 brand names
✅ Gas or electric systems
✅ Emergency heating service
✅ Expert troubleshooting
✅ Expert services
✅ Master technicians
✅ Factory trained technicians
✅ State of the art education
✅ Diagnostic tests
✅ Carbon monoxide inspection
✅ Gas furnace repairs
✅ Electric heat pump repairs
✅ Gas furnace replacements
✅ Gas furnace maintenance
✅ Preventative maintenance
✅ Gas furnace tune-ups
✅ Safety inspections
✅ Vent pipe inspections
✅ Gas line inspection / furnace
✅ Electric heat pump service
✅ Heat pump tune-ups
✅ Heat pump replacement
✅ Heat pump diagnosis
✅ Dual fuel systems
✅ Expert services
✅ Master technicians
✅ Heat exchange problems
✅ Complete safety inspections
✅ Seer ratio calculated for your home
✅ Total comfort systems
✅ Load calculations
✅ Air quality
✅ Air purifiers
✅ Media filters
✅ Electric air filter systems
✅ Air purification systems
✅ Apollo systems
✅ Looped and non looped systems
✅ Service contracts
✅ Warranty contact forms
✅ Humidifier service
✅ Humidifier repairs
✅ Humidifier replacements
✅ Humidifier water lines
✅ Humidifier filters
✅ Poor air flow
✅ Not enough air flow
✅ Restrictions air ratio
✅ Proper factory functions
✅ Electric heating kits
✅ Electric air handlers
✅ 45 point inspections
✅ Electric wiring components
✅ Electric wiring parts
✅ Control boards
✅ Electric wiring repairs
✅ Electric wiring replacement
✅ Motors of every type
✅ safety switches
✅ Holiday season specials
✅ Discount specials
✅ Loyal customer service

We not only offer this full service for gas but we will make sure of quality workmanship will be safe and lasting impressions of our professional technicians .

List of Gas Services that we provide

✅ Master technicians
✅ Master gas fitters
✅ Emergency service
✅ Gas line repairs
✅ Gas line replacement
✅ Gas line add on
✅ Add a gas line
✅ Deleting gas line
✅ Move a gas line
✅ Gas line protection
✅ Gas line corrections
✅ Gas line red tag
✅ Gas line inspections
✅ Gas line testing
✅ Gas line safety
✅ Gas line connections
✅ Gas furnaces
✅ Gas furnace service
✅ Gas furnace repairs
✅ Gas furnace replacement
✅ Gas furnace inspections
✅ Gas furnace tune-ups
✅ Gas logs
✅ Gas log cleaning
✅ gas log replacement
✅ Gas log service
✅ Gas log inspections
✅ Gas water heater
✅ Gas water heater repairs
✅ Gas water heater replacement
✅ Gas water heater service
✅ Gas water heater cleaning
✅ Gas water heater inspections
✅ Gas dryer service
✅ Gas dryer vent cleaning
✅ Gas dryer replacement
✅ Gas dryer connections
✅ Gas dryer removal
✅ Gas stove hook ups
✅ Gas stove removal gas stove line valves
✅ Gas stove flexible line replacement
✅ Gas piping for all your gas line needs
✅ Gas line pipe sizing
✅ flow and distribution
✅ calculating size type and for your custom gas line


✅ Service Agreements Available
✅ 1 Year Warranty On Most Repairs
✅ Fast and Professional Service
✅ 100% Customer Satisfaction

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